zaterdag 19 januari 2008


Tampax is Fresh. How fresh? Their tampons have scented cardboard applicators and their ads smell too!
How do you market a product that is unnecessary? Manufacture a desire.
Tampax is marketing their “new” tampon with a cheeky scratch and sniff advertisement. Ad copy reads, “Beguile your senses. Succumb to the freshness”.
Deceive your senses and others around you. Now others will think you smell like roses and kittens during your monthly visit. Yield to your overwhelming desire to have a scented cardboard tube enter your forbidden zone and leave smelling as good as when it entered. Truly scandalous.
For some, these ads represent a way to ameliorate the constructed embarrassment that is inevitably associated with menstruation. Hide the offensive product in a ambiguous marketing campaign and no one need blush about a natural body process.
Smells fishy to me.

Overgenomen van cacheculture. Het horribele van deze advertentieprent is de afwezigheid van wat ik maar zal noemen, enig vrouwelijk schoon. Hoe zouden ze het gedaan hebben als niet vrouwen maar mannen iets dergelijks moesten inbrengen in hun penis?

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