donderdag 27 maart 2008

Mijn muziek (24)

Of the life and career of the English composer John Tuder nothing is known. His works survive in two manuscripts; one secular song is preserved in a copy made in 1501, and four liturgical pieces survive in a manuscript written during the 1470s. He flourished as a composer in the second half of the fifteenth century, therefore, and his composition of works for both ecclesiastical and secular environments indicates strongly that he was employed in aristocratic service as a singing-man of the chapel of the household of some prominent member of nobility. His setting appears to have been compiled by some member of the staff of Canterbury Cathedral Priory in the years around 1475. It is a small hand-book, not a performance manuscript but some musician‘s private collection of material of interest to him. It may well be associated in some way with Robert Wydow, who was a priest of one of the chantries in Canterbury Cathedral from 1474 to 1478, and who in the latter year became the first known recipient of the degree of Bachelor of Music from Oxford University. The Lamentations survive in a manuscript now at Magdalene College, Cambridge and is part of the famous collection of Samuel Pepys.

Hier is dat deel van het Pepys manuscript.

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