maandag 24 maart 2008

Mijn muziek (1)

Mijn muzieksmaak is zich pas gaan vormen toen ik 26 jaar oud was, in 1979. In dat jaar kwam ik in contact met J.S. Bach en dat contact is nooit meer verdwenen. Mijn muzikale smaak heeft zich sindsdien wel uitgebreid. Die gaat terug tot de Bourgondische School, de Engelse virginalisten en bevat natuurlijk ook andere barokcomponisten. Een paar weken geleden heb ik Jan Dismas Zelenka (tijdgenoot van J.S. Bach) bijvoorbeeld ontdekt.
Verder dan het jaar 1775 strekt mijn kennis van en ook mijn liefde voor de muziek niet. Er zijn natuurlijk wel enkele jongere componisten te vinden, maar het houdt niet over. U krijgt dus, in tamelijk willekeurige volgorde, een reeks van componisten voorgeschoteld, eventueel met links naar YouTube-filmpjes. Elke dag één componist. Ik begin met Johannes Tapissier.

Johannes Tapissier (also Jean Tapissier, Jean de Noyers) (c.13701408 to 1410) was a French composer and teacher of the late Middle Ages, in the period transitional to the Renaissance style. He was one of the first members of the Burgundian School, the group of composers associated with the Dukes of Burgundy, and from which the Franco-Flemish style developed.
The first record of his life is from 1391, when he was hired as a "valet de chambre" and composer for the court of Philip the Bold.[1] He went with the duke on his travels, going to Avignon at least twice (1391, and again in 1395), where he doubtless encountered the composers and music of the Avignon repertory; Avignon then was the center of composition on the manneristic ars subtilior style. He was perhaps one of the contributors to the repertory,[2] but if he left any secular music, or any music in the complex, mannered style, it has either been lost or remains anonymous.
The anonymous Règles de la seconde rhétorique, written around 1400, lists Tapissier as being among the most famous French poets, singers, and composers of the time. Around the time this account was written, and into the first decade of the 15th century, Tapissier ran a singing school in Paris; records from the Burgundian court indicate that they sent boys there to learn to sing. The peak of development of the Burgundian court chapel was in 1404, before the death of Philip, when it surpassed in splendor the chapels of the antipope at Avignon and the king of France,[3], and many of Tapissier's students would have contributed to this development. Further court records show that his students "auditioned" for John the Fearless, the new Duke of Burgundy, in 1408, and they performed at services later that same year. Tapissier was dead by August 1410, but no further details on the circumstances have emerged.[4]
Tapissier is among the musicians mentioned by Martin le Franc in his long poem, Le Champion des dames:[5]
Tapissier, Carmen, Césaris
N'a pas longtemps si bien chanterrent
Qu'ilz esbahirent tout Paris
(Tapissier, Carmen, and Césaris,
Not long ago they did sing so well,
That they astonished all of Paris)
Only three pieces by Tapissier have survived: two mass movements (a Credo and a Sanctus), and an isorhythmic motet which laments the Western Schism which divided the Roman Catholic Church. Baude Cordier, one of the composers of the ars subtilior, wrote a Gloria which forms a probable pair with Tapissier's Credo
All of his compositions are for three voices. Although they are all sacred, they are stylistically more akin to the chansons of the time than to most other mass movements.
Ik houd me aanbevolen voor dat Motet voor de Paus en Tegenpaus, en voor dat Credo en Sanctus. Ik heb ze niet kunnen vinden.

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